Redroom Recording Studio

Redroom is a studio specialized in recording, mixing, and mastering.

At Redroom, we leverage the convenience of digital processing but strive to approach mixing with an analog mindset as much as possible. Not only because we enjoy seeking the warm sound and dense harmonics that machines and algorithms often struggle to emulate, but also because working in analog provides a transparent workflow, ensuring that technical and creative aspects share the same pace and rhythm.

The numerous outboard gears scattered throughout the main control room, along with an extensive microphone collection, enable us to achieve ever-changing sounds and cater to the tastes and inspirations of the artist. We are always eager to collaborate with the artist in finding original solutions, believing that imposing our sound for technical convenience or artistic presumption hinders the path to a correct creative journey.

As is well known, good sound requires the entire chain to be of quality, extending beyond the path from the microphone to the recorder. It’s crucial that the acoustics of the room are adequately treated, and the musician feels comfortable. Therefore, we have endeavored to create a studio that is not plastic but remains human and welcoming. In this direction, we were greatly inspired by the context: an ancient country house with a kitchen, fireplace, living room, garden, and sleeping space.

The various rooms within the studio allow us to displace instruments across different spaces (up to five), enabling musicians to play live and us to work with separated sounds, providing maximum freedom during the mixing phase without sacrificing the energy and interplay that only a collective performance can convey.

Finally, we believe that rediscovering love and attention for quality listening is a necessary step to overcome the cultural crisis that has affected the world of music in recent years. By undertaking this project, we feel that we are making our small contribution.